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Sun Conures



The colourful sun conure (Aratinga solstitialis) was not named for the sun, but rather for the sunset. Considered the most beautiful of all conures, these golden beauties make excellent pets.

Sun conures are inquisitive and playful, active, spunky and curious. They love to play with toys and are entertaining as they jump, swing and have a wonderful time. Suns are active climbers and will often hang by one foot from the top of the cage while swinging back and forth.

Sun conures are friendly and love to be cuddled and handled by their owners.

Tame, hand raised suns are devoted to their owners and have a reputation for being the "sentinels" of their human's home. They often stop their activity to listen intently if they hear any noise, and are quite adept at notifying their owners of any perceived "intruders."

Suns can sometimes learn to speak a few words clearly, but their talking ability is limited. Their natural call is typically loud and raucous but hand raised suns often do not learn the scream associated with the conure family.

Most conures live 15 to 35 years.

A baby male sunnie having breakfast.
A baby male sunnie having breakfast.
My 2 boys for sale.  $350.00ea
My 2 boys for sale. $350.00ea

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