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Quaker (Monk) Parrots

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At first glance, the quaker or monk parrot (Myiopsytta monachus) does not appear to be particularly compelling, but it's plain colours and unimpressive size mask a truly exciting personality.  Among other things, it's not unusual for this intelligent little bundle of energy to use human words with understanding before it's six months old, sometimes at six weeks.  

Pet Quakers can become good talkers and may mimic sounds they hear in and around their cage.  Quaker Parrots consistently rank high on every list of best talking parrots.

General care requirements for quakers are similar to those of other parrots. These birds need a nutritious diet; a clean, safe environment; exciting toys; opportunities for independence; and opportunities for interaction. Quakers need access to clean, fresh water for drinking and bathing. Like human children, a quaker parrot might be so interested in anything and everything that it will refuse sleep if it is not provided with a cover or a roost cage in a quiet area away from human activity.






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