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Green Cheek Conures - Parrots

Green-cheeked conures are charming little birds.  For such a small body they have a very lively personality - a complete change from a cockatiel!

They are playful, affectionate and intelligent.  They love to be with their human family. They can learn to talk, albeit with a limited vocabulary and a gravelly voice. They like to be held (although some like it more than others) and can learn tricks, such as 'Sea-Monkeys' - lying on their backs and "kissing."  These guys are relatively quiet and so do well within apartments and with closer neighbours.  They love fruits, (especially bananas, apples and mine also love corn).  If allowed, these guys will happily eat your dinner from your own plate!  Currently taking orders for handraised babies.  My 16year old daughter handraises these guys from 10 days of age. To check out her website go to: http://mygreencheeks.doodlekit.com/home

Prices are:  $100.00ea for normals, cinnamons are $125.00, yellowsideds are $150.00ea & pineapples are $250.00ea.   All of our babies come with their own baby bed!!!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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