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Green Cheek Conures For Sale

UPDATED  12th November 2017


Taking orders now for Hand Raised Green Cheek Conures. Make one of the best pets..... love pockets, snuggles both in your clothes and hair. Very quiet. No licence required to keep them either.

I have normals, pineapples and blues (aka turquoise). Each baby comes with a sample of pellets/seed, swing and bed. Ready in the next 2 weeks.

Normals will be $100.00ea, Pineapples $150.00ea & Blues $200.00ea. I have boys and girls available. Unfortunately I require a holding deposit to secure your baby purchase as I've had so many tyre kickers over the years that mean other parronts miss out on their baby.

I also have a 1 year old Pineapple Green Cheek Conure Hen & A Yellowsided Green Cheek Conure hen for Sale

Sun Conures For Sale

UPDATED 10th July 2017

Taking orders now for Hand Raised Baby Sun Conures.  No licence is required for these little bundle of joys.  $350.00ea and ready for their new homes shortly.....

Crimson Belly Conures For Sale

None available atm.

Quakers For Sale

UPDATED 12th November 2017

 * Blue Split Lutino Boy (parents Green split blue split lutino cock with albino hen) paired with Lutino Hen (born early Jan 2017). Pair pricing is $3550.00 (including Flight travel).

None of these birds are licenced and are just under a year old. 
Also a Single DNA Sexed Green Male  $120.00


Alexandrines For Sale

Updated 12th November 2017

Two Baby Hand Raised ALEXANDRINE Parrots for Sale. $300.00ea. DNA sexed boy and girl (siblings). Ready in the next week or two. No Licence required.

Miscellaneous For Sale

Black Cap Conures!!!  2 dna sexed boys for sale.  No licence required and they are no longer hand tame.

Odds & Ends For Sale


A mate also has birds for sale.  Give Dave a call on 0488172220.  He is located in Blackbutt.

1) One beautiful and handsome (& he knows it lol). Male Hand raised Ecky.  Recreational & International Licence required (if in QLD)

2) One funny inquisitive Black Cap Red Breasted Lorri. 4 years old. DNA sexed Male.  No licence required. 

3) Four DNA Sexed Alexandrines. All related. 2 boys and 2 hens.  All are parent raised and flighty (suitable for breeding).

4) Eclectus (Ecky). SIBLINGS. Were hand raised but not so quiet now - could be tamed down with time. Both are 6 months old. Recreational & International Licence required (if in QLD).

5) Baby Black Headed Caique - will only be sold once weaned & self sufficient.  DNA Sexed Male. Ready now...

6) Also a DNA Sexed Male & Female Hand Raised Alexandrines. SIBLINGS. 

Cockatoo Species For Sale

None available atm.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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