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Large Aviary Complex For Sale....

 Large Aviary Complex for Sale (also available as 3 singles)....
Three Bird Aviaries for Sale. Must be picked up prior to this Saturday lunch. Located in Murgon. Advertised elsewhere. Currently suspended aviaries but legs are currently concreted into the ground. Cages can be separated from legs but removing screws. $500.00 EA (firm) (3 available). Will most likely need a flatbed truck to remove & a few strong men. There are three all up, available as singles as well. Roof has already been removed, but still available as sheets can be re-installed. Each one measures 2 metres Wide x 3.30 metres Long x 2.20 metres High (cage is 1.20mtrs + legs are 1 metre). 2 have been currently separated into 6 individual cages and the other one is separated into 5 cages. These can be re-wired differently to suit your situation.
No payment plans available. No tyre kickers please. Pick up only.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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