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Quakers For Sale

My Breeding Pairs of Quakers are for Sale 

Updated 20.3.18

1 x Breeding Pair of Quakers - Green split Blue Hen with an Albino Cock (I bred this boy myself). 1st Breeding Season late 2017. $2500 pr + flight transport

Contact me with any queries. Advertised Elsewhere. Located in Murgon. Can organise flights from Brisbane and delivery to Bundaberg, Brisbane, Toowoomba etc.


For the novice - lutino is yellow, albino is white.

Large Aviary Complex For Sale....

 Large Aviary Complex for Sale....

Large Aviary Complex. Located in Murgon. New owner to dismantle and transport at their expense. Can be subdivided. All aviaries are bolted into the legs - easily dismantled. All currently suspended with walkways. Very secure. All built by professional (plumber lol). Consists of 17 enclosures, fully roofed, even has a gutter lol. All wire is suitable for Alexandrines, quakers, sun conures etc.  I have also housed major mitchells and corellas in this some complex.  Measures 2.10mtrs High x 3.30mtrs Deep x 8.50mtrs Long. $3550.00 ono.  

Paypal, Direct Credit or Eftpos are all available.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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